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Greater Chennai Corporation Takes Decisive Action Following Mumbai Billboard Tragedy!

Posted on: 18/May/2024 10:13:06 AM

In response to the tragic billboard collapse incident in Mumbai that claimed 16 lives, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) took swift action by removing 426 private hoardings from the city. GCC Commissioner J Radhakrishnan emphasized the need for stringent measures, directing authorities to conduct structural audits on banners and hoardings claiming legal permissions. Penalties will be imposed on those found installing unauthorized hoardings. Special surveillance has been intensified near roads, petrol bunks, and public areas.

The issue of banners and flexboards, especially those advertising land sales at bus stands and main roads, has long plagued the city. Residents have expressed discontent over lax enforcement by zonal officials regarding publically erected banners. Meanwhile, the GCC revenue department confirmed the removal of 426 private hoardings following the commissioner`s directive, with ongoing efforts to audit and penalize violators. Despite GCC control over the majority of banners, private hoardings remain a challenge for authorities and the public, necessitating periodic removal efforts.

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