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Crowds thronging the urban primary health centres or UPHC now in Chennai after the rains!!

Posted on: 24/Jun/2024 9:18:37 AM

If you have thought that the recent rains in Chennai have only helped the residents, then you might be surprised by this!!

The important piece of news is that the flu cases have surged after the rains in Chennai. This has resulted in heavy crowding at the urban primary health centres or UPHC in the city. Information gathered is that by 23rd of June Chennai recorded 450 cases of ILI or influenza like illness.

From 45 cases in May month, the Tiruvottiyur based UPHC and UHWC etc have reported 70 new cases in June. From 55 cases in May month, the Sholinganallur based UPHC has reported 80 OP cases. Mr. J. Radhakrishnan, GCC Commissioner mentioned that no alarming diseases have been reported and no outbreak has been recorded. It must be remembered that in June 2023 Chennai had about 1000 fever cases. Point is that surveillance has been enhanced now and door to door fogging is being carried out. This was as per the GCC Commissioner.

Chief vector control officer Mr. Selvakumar spoke about how GCC continues to carry out larvae surveys across the city. At present, no aedes mosquitoes have been detected. He added that as the rainfall begins aedes mosquitoes count would begin. Chennai Mayor R. Priya has directed the use of 6 drones to spray larvicides on the waterways in the city. She has asked the officials concerned to eliminate stagnant water from the vacant plots.

Monitoring enter-viruses in sewage contaminated water was necessary and this was according to Dr. K. Kolandaswamy, DPH.

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