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Nilgiri Mountain Railway Resumes Service After Weather-Related Hiatus!

Posted on: 23/May/2024 10:40:52 AM

After a brief hiatus lasting four days, the iconic Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) connecting Mettupalayam to Ooty has triumphantly resumed its services as of Wednesday.

The interruption in service stemmed from severe weather conditions on May 18th, when relentless rains triggered landslides near Hill Grove station, causing significant damage to the railway tracks from falling boulders.

In response, a dedicated team of engineers and workers swung into action, swiftly executing restoration efforts. Their tireless endeavors involved the meticulous clearance of debris and the meticulous repair of the afflicted railings. Despite their determined efforts, intermittent rainfall in the region posed challenges, causing slight delays in the restoration process.

However, perseverance prevailed, and on Wednesday, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway proudly chugged back into operation, much to the jubilation of eager tourists. The inaugural journey commenced from Mettupalayam promptly at 7:10 am, with approximately 180 passengers eagerly onboard. However, owing to the overwhelming demand, numerous tourists were left disheartened as they were unable to secure coveted tickets for this cherished heritage train experience.

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