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Thirumalai-Tirupathi Devasthanam Board Devotees advised NOT to visit!

Posted on: 03/Dec/2021 8:29:57 PM
Due to the recent persistent downpour for several days, the mountain route taken by lakhs of devotees to visit the temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara has been affected as there has been a landslide causing serious damage on the route!

Subsequently, the Thirumalai Tirupathi Devasthanam Board (TTD) has announced that DEVOTEES NEED NOT VITIT TIRUPATHI UNTIL THE LANDSLIDE IS COMPLETELY REPAIRED AND RESTORED!

Due to the persistent heavy downpour in Thirumalai and the surrounding areas in the last few weeks, there has been a landslide that occurred in the mountain route to Tirupathi temple.

Giving utmost consideration to the safety of the devotees, the mountain route was closed for thru devotees on 17th November. After a few days, devotees were allowed to have Darshan.

Meanwhile, there was very large-scale damage in the second mountain route (between Thirumalai & Tirupathi). It is reported that a landslide occurred in this section due to the persistent heavy downpour.

As the vehicle drivers wrote extra-carefully in the morning while driving on the mountain route, any loss of lives was luckily prevented!

Due to the landslide, transport got cut. As large boulders fell on the route, 3 roads have got severely damaged.

2 mountain routes are linking Thirumalai & Tirupathi. Due to the landslide, the second route is damaged and the vehicles are prohibited in this route.

TTD Engineers and the Forest Department officials and staff have been working jointly to remove all the obstacles.

Arrangements are being made to set up a link between the 2 mountain routes to facilitate diverting the stuck vehicle to the other route. The Head of the Thirumalai-Tirupathi Devasthanam Board visited the spot of damage and inspected it.

Meanwhile, TTD has advised the devotees who had already booked for Darshan to postpone their visits,

TTD has further advised that the same reservation tickets can be used after the next 15 days for Darshan and also TTD has cautioned the devotees NOT to visit Tirupathi as the repair work is in progress.

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