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Unbelievable but true!! Yesterdays Chennai temperature was the highest in the entire TN!!

Posted on: 28/May/2024 9:22:33 AM

For the last few days, Chennai experienced cooler weather due to reduction in the temperature due to the rains. Yesterday, the temperature went above 40 degrees in the city and this made the lives of the residents uncomfortable. It is true that the respite from summer heat due to summer showers has come to an end in Chennai.

It was later brought out by data from RMC in Chennai that on Monday the temperature in  Nungambakkam was 40.6 degrees Celsius (2.6 degrees Celsius above the normal) and 40.6 degrees Celsius in  Meenambakkam (1.7 degrees Celsius above the normal). There was a 1 degrees Celsius increase (from the previous day) in the temperature in both these localities in Chennai. The Chennai temperature yesterday was the highest temperature that was recorded in the entire TN.

According to Mr. S. Balachandran, RMC, it was clear that the Chennai suburbs had recorded a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius earlier in this month of May. He added that the moisture has reduced in the atmosphere due to the cyclone and heat impact is expected to increase in Chennai.

On Monday, Nungambakkam recorded the hottest day of the year and Meenambakkam recorded the second hottest day. This was mentioned by the famous weather blogger Mr. Pradeep John.

It must be taken into account that the previous highest maximum temperature recorded in Nungambakkam was 39 degrees Celsius on 1st of May. Yesterday, Vellore recorded 39.9 degrees Celsius and it was followed by Thanjavur with 39 degrees Celsius. Madurai and Cuddalore recorded 38.4 degrees Celsius.

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