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Be careful about the bad cholesterol levels that you can get from these unhealthy eating habits!!

Posted on: 29/May/2023 9:18:46 AM
High levels of bad cholesterol in us could be very harmful for us. It could lead to heart diseases, diabetes etc and finally we could lose our lives also. Therefore, we must take care and keep the bad cholesterol levels to a certain limit.

Thesedays, many people follow a sedentary lifestyle along with poor eating habits. Truth is that these two could be disastrous for our health. Sitting all day without doing any exercise plus eating high fat based foods would result in many serious issues like heart diseases, diabetes, fatty liver disease etc. It is noteworthy that eating unhealthy and unmindfully between meals could lead to a huge increase in our cholesterol levels in us.`

There are few bating eating habits that could increase bad cholesterol levels in us and these are

Intake of bakery foods:

Prepared mostly using vegetable fats like vanaspati etc, bakery foods like biscuits, breads, puffs etc could lead to an increase in the bad cholesterol levels in us. The presence of trans fats in these foods could lead to rise in bad cholesterol in us. Please take care.

Intake of processed meats:

Processes like smoking, curing, adding chemical preservatives etc are used in the preparation of processed meats like sausages, burger, bacon etc. These foods are both high in bad cholesterol plus carcinogenic also.

Intake of fast foods as snacks:

It is true that fast foods and Western foods are rich in bad cholesterol or LDL. These foods are full of saturated fats and this is due to the use of certain ingredients that are being used to prepare  them. Frequent intake of these foods would lead to obesity plus to other issues like diabetes PCOS etc also. So, please be careful.

Intake of low soluble fibre foods:

We must compulsorily consume foods that are rich in soluble fibres like oats, peas, guavas, apples etc. Point is that the soluble fibres would draw water from the gut and would combine with bad cholesterol and be removed from the body.

Intake of less fruits and veggies:

Bad cholesterol in us would get reduced when we eat fruits and vegetables rich in fibre content. In addition, the fruits and veggies have phytonutrients that would remove toxins out of the body and would cleanse organs like kidneys, liver etc.

Intake of foods rich in sugar content:

It must be noted that packed fruit juices, products having high fructose corn syrup, white breads etc have sugar in them. Truth is that these are changed into fats in the body and would increase the levels of bad cholesterol in us.

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