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Do you know?? - Thyroid problems in us could also be revealed by certains symptoms in our feet!!


Posted on : 06/Feb/2023 5:09:13 PM

If you observe changes in your body weight or changes in the energy levels or mood etc, then it is obvious that your thyroid glands are not functioning properly!!

In regulating the body`s mechanism, a  small butterfly shaped gland that is present at the back of the neck plays a huge role is well known. It is true that we observe certain changes in us due to improper functioning of the thyroid gland but most of us would not observe various symptoms that would occur in the feet due to the thyroid issue.  It is highly necessary that we must treat the thyroid  or else it could lead to some serious health problems in us. 

Those with thyroid disorders must maintain proper foot hygiene. This would help them to avoid issues like plantar warts, skin based infections etc in them. It is important to wash the feet regularly with mild soap etc. Selecting proper footwear is important for those with thyroid issues. Proper fitting and comfortable footwear must be selected.

Various thyroid symptoms that could occur in the feet are

Foot pain:
The foot pain is considered as the most common symptom of thyroid in the feet. Our body`s metabolism would be controlled by the hormones produced by the thyroid gland and when thyroid does not function properly then we could get muscle and joint pain in the feet. Truth is that both underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism or an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism could cause foot pain. It is a must to go to a doctor if you have pain in your feet.

Dry cracked feet with calluses:
The skin on the feet would become coarse, dry and rough and this could be due to hypothyroidism. This has been mentioned by some research studies. The skin would lose its moisture when the thyroid is not functioning properly and due to thet we would have dry skin. A person with underactive thyroid would have reduced production of both oils and sweat etc that are needed to keep the skin moist. Dry skin could lead to cracking and fissures etc leading to pain.

Itchiness in the feet:
Those with hypothyroidism issues could have itchiness in his or her feet or in other parts like the head,  genitals etc. This itching could be due to reduced oils and sweat production caused due to an underactive thyroid gland. The skin would lose its elasticity when it is dry and would become itchy.  We would have a constant urge to scratch.

Cold feet:
There would be decreased blood circulation when the thyroid gland does not function properly. By this, the skin would receive less blood supply.In the colder seasons, the lower extremities like feet would get poor blood circulation.

Swollen feet:
Not only factors like kidney dysfunction,  diabetes, skin infections and heart disease etc could lead to swollen feet but hypothyroidism issue also. If a person has this hypothyroidism issue then he or she would also have other symptoms like foot cramps, foot infection, smelly feet, yellow soles, toenail changes etc.



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