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This February 2023 has been the coolest in the last 5 years in Chennai?

Posted on: 24/Feb/2023 9:19:10 AM
Compared to the last 5 years, the February month in 2023 is much cooler!! Sound`s incredible isn`t it!!

It was brought to light by data from Indian Meteorological Dept or IMD that this year 2023 had the second coldest day in February and it was 19.5degrees Celsius. It must be noted that in the year 2020 the temperature in February went down to 18.7 degrees Celsius.

On almost all the days, the variation in the minimum temperature has been between 1 degree and 5 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature in February since 2021 was between 21 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius in the month of February. As per some experts, in 2023 the minimum temperature in February was around 21 degrees Celsius leading to mosquito menace and more flu cases etc.

Siberian cold winds could have been the reason for this cool weather in February in Chennai in 2023 and this was as per some health officers and climate experts. It was explained by the IMD officials that the temperature cannot be unusual unless the variations were more than three degree Celsius continuously for 3 days.

Northern cold wind flow towards the south could have been the reason for the dip in the temperatures in February 2023. This was mentioned by professor S. Ramachandran from Anna University.  He added that the winds normally travel from Europe and Russia via Afghanistan and Pakistan towards the south. The temperatures have been reducing rapidly after the sun set in this 2023. He threw light on the fact that TN received heavy rainfall of nearly 1500mm and this has led to the heaviness in the soil moisture.

According to Mr. S. Balachandran, DDG of Meteorology, RMC in Chennai it was clear that there has been a variation of plus or minus 1 to 3 degrees for more than 3 days in a row. He hinted that the warmness in the sea plus clouds in certain places could have been responsible for cool weather.

According to Mr. Abhiyant Tiwari belonging to National Research Development Corporation, the temperatures were unusually high in the northwest and west but unusual coolness in the south could be some unusual weather pattern.  

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