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Deadly effect of the recent Cyclone Mandous in Chennai revealed??

Posted on: 12/Dec/2022 6:29:12 PM
The recent cyclone Mandous has been deadly in the Chennai city and it has uprooted as many as 1115 trees. In addition, the cyclone has shown its wrath in the forest places too by uprooting 1000 trees.

Today morning, as assessment was made and the forest dept officers have mentioned that about 800 trees belonging to the Chengalpet social forestry division, 10 trees in the Pallikaranai eco park and 100 on the Chengalpet Chennai highway and 100 in Kilpakkam Urban Forestry plantations etc have fallen. Mr. Shanmugam, the district forest officer explained that 5% of the trees have roots intact and they would be replanted.

Out of the total of 1115 trees that have been uprooted 1041 trees have been cleared by the GCC. Information is that these trees are present in avenues, playgrounds and inside the parkis etc.

Important localities in Chennai suchas Adyar, Kodambakkam and Thiru Vi Ka Nagar reported maximum number of fallen trees

Around 25000 trees were printed before the monsoons and before the cyclone. This has helped to save many trees now. This was pointed out by mr. S. Prasanth, deputy commissioner works GCC.

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