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Prospects for heavy rain next 2 days


Posted on : 11/Aug/2019 17:11:58

The Chennai Meteorological Centre has informed that as the southwest monsoon rainy season at its full strength, there are strong prospects for heavy rains in the next 2 days in the districts Nilgiri, Coimbatore, and Theni located adjacent to the Western Ghat mountain range.

In this regard, the Director of the Chennai Meteorological Centre shared:

The climate of very strong and highly humid southwest monsoon rainy seasonal winds is prevailing currently. Due to this,  there are prospects of very heavy rains in the districts of Nilgiri, Coimbatore, and Theni lying adjacent to the Western Ghat Mountain Range.

Further, there are prospects of heavy rains in a few places located adjacent to the Western Ghat mountain range such as Nilgiri, Coimbatore, Thirunelveli, and Kanyakumari.

The Chennai Metro City will generally remain cloudy. There are prospects of mild rain in 1 or 2 places. It is the usual trend that rains would be somewhat lesser in Chennai during the southwest monsoon rainy season!

Prospects of heavy rains till 15th August

As explained above, there are very strong prospects of heavy rains in the mountainous range districts of Nilgiri and Coimbatore till 14th August!

At the same time, there are prospects of mild to medium rain in 1 or 2 places from 12th August to 14th August in the interior Tamil Nadu.

Warning to fishermen

In the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, especially, the southern coastal areas, strong high-speed winds at 40 kmph to 50 kmph will blow from the southwest direction. The sea will be quite turbulent. Hence, a warning is issued to fishermen not to venture into the sea for the next 2 days.

As at 8.30 AM on Saturday, 10th August, the rainfalls were recorded in various places indicated in mm as under:

Nilgiri District Avalanchi 350. Melbhavani 190. Dewala 160. Naduvattam, Coimbatore Chinnakaalaru 140. Nilgiri District Koodalur Bazaar Valparai -80 Valparai Taluk Office area, Kanyakumari District Kuzhitthurai 70. Coimbatore District Sulur 50.
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