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Wall painting contest ( 11th December 2020 )


Posted on : 23/Nov/2020 9:46:30 PM

Shakh of Rishikesh proudly presents organizing a wall painting contest. 

We are looking for the best artwork that our jury will pick to cover a wall area in  the restaurant The winning designs will be painted on the building that is visible to all our  customers visiting the restaurant.  

Entry to the contest is Free 

Artists must bring their own materials required for painting on the 11th  December 2020 
Time: From 8 A.M 

Location: Shakh of Rishikesh, Kotturpuram. 

Prizes : 

The winner will receive Rs.5000/- (cash price). 

2 runner-ups(each) will receive Rs.1000/-(cash price). 

The jury will select top10 works from the 20 designs chosen in the first round  whose authors will receive Rs.500/- worth food coupon. 

The jury will also select 20 works from all the registered artists whose authors  will receive Rs.250/- worth food coupon. These 20 designs will be selected on  the sample works submitted by the artists during registration. 

All the applicants should upload their sample works in a drive and give the link  in the form given. 

The first round of selection: 

From all the registered artists first round of selection would be based on the  sample works submitted by the artists. 

Top 20 designs will get selected and the artists will receive food coupon worth  Rs.250/-(6 months validity) The second round of selection: 

20 artists selected in the first round should provide a rough sketch on the given  theme and 10 artists designs will be selected for the final round. All the 10 artists selected in this round will receive a food coupon of worth  Rs.500/-(1-year validity) 

The final round: 

Selected 10 artists from the second round have to paint the space provided for  them from which 1 final design will be chosen and the author will receive  Rs.5000/- cash price 
2 Runner-ups will receive Rs.1000/-(each) 

Timeline : 

Nov 30th, 2020: End of the application period 

Dec 1st , 2020:Top 20 will be selected and the theme will be announced

Dec 7th, 2020: Rough designs should be submitted for the given theme Dec 8th,2020: We will announce the top 10 artists who are going to do artwork  on the wall. 

Dec 11th,2020 : Wall painting competition is done by the top 10 selected artists. Dec 13th, 2020: Launch event  

Top 20 artists should come. Winner, runner-ups will be announced and prizes  will be given. 

Who may enter ? 

The competition is open to any artist over the age of 18.

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