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Movie Theatres and museums to reopen tomorrow (10th)!


Posted on : 09/Nov/2020 12:01:58 PM

The movie theatres & Museums in Tamil Nadu are scheduled to reopen tomorrow (Tuesday, 10th November). Large auditoriums, conferences halls, and the zoological parks are also set to restart functioning after a long gap of 7 months.

Following the outbreak of the raging coronavirus pandemic and its wild spread all over the country, lockdown conditions were imposed throughout the country as a preventive measure against the spread of the raging coronavirus pandemic from 25th March. Subsequently, all movie theatres, amusement parks and other crowd gathering centres were closed.

Later, in subsequent phases of the lockdown announced with gradually increasing relaxations on various restrictions, maximum relaxations have been accorded till October.

The Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu State, E. Palaniswamy released the State Government order for the reopening of the crowd-gathering places/resorts on 30th October. Accordingly, theatres with more than 1-screen as multiplex theatres and the theatres located in commercial complexes will all be reopening from Tuesday, 10th November.

Theatres have been strictly advised to operate at the audience level of only 50% in the movie-halls as a form of social distancing to be maintained.

Presently, the theatre-owners are engaged in completing all the required activities for the reopening. Various corona-preventive guidelines such as spraying germicides in the theatre, fixing stickers leaving alternative seats vacant, setting up indication marks in the ticket counters to adhere to the social distancing norm, etc., have been taken up and are in progress.

Just like the movie theatres, other entertainment centres such as amusement parks, large conference/gathering halls/auditoriums, zoological parks, and museums are scheduled to open on Tuesday, 10th November.

There are 997 movie theatres in the state of Tamil Nadu. Around 300 movies are produced every year in the state. Due to the raging coronavirus pandemic, film production activities have been hugely affected! With the recent announcement of relaxations on shooting, movie production activities have picked up again and indications are there that they would be on a full swing shortly!

However, a new issue has cropped up the theatre owners have protested and declared that they would not pay the VPF charges. With this, another round of talks has ensued between the film producers and the theatre owners. So far, no decisions have been reached and the issue is still to be resolved!

Though no new movies are to be released, the theatre owners have decided to go ahead with the reopening of theatres as scheduled. Reservations for the movies such as Dharaala Prabhu, Oh! My Kadavule!,  and Kanannum Kannum Kolaiyadithal which were being screened when the tota lockdown conditions were imposed in March.

As there is every hope that the issue of the theatre owners paying VPF charges will be resolved, the film producers are getting ready to release the new films on the occasion of Deepavali.  Information is gathered that movies such as Biscoth with actor Santhanam, Marijuana with actor Attu Rishi Rithwick, Pei mama with actor Yogesh Babu, and Kalathil Santhippo with actors Jeeva and Arulnidhi are likely to be released for Deepavali!
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