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Great Chennai Corporation Alert: With the time extension given, taxes MUST be paid! - Failure will entail a penalty!!

Posted on: 25/Mar/2023 2:51:46 PM
The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has issued an alert to the citizens of Chennai that they MUST pay their relevant taxes on time, especially with the recently given time extension. Failure to pay will result in a penalty.

It is a traditional procedure to collect Property Tax and Professional Tax from citizens as a source of revenue. As such, with the financial year 2022-23 concluding on 31st March, the Greater Chennai Corporation has emphasized that citizens MUST pay their required taxes on time.

The Greater Chennai Corporation has further cautioned that failure to pay taxes on time will result in a penalty of 2%, and the PROPERTIES OF THOSE WHO HAVE OUTSTANDING TAX PAYMENTS WILL BE CONFISCATED AND SEALED.

As mentioned above, property-owning citizens of Chennai have been strongly advised to pay their taxes on time to avoid legal issues.

It is worth noting that the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has collected Rs. 1390 Crores as Property Tax and Rs. 412 Crores as Professional Tax so far.

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