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Tamil Nadu Governor participates in the inauguration of the 5-day Flower Show in Ooty


Posted on : 18/May/2019 14:49:45

The most important occasion in the calendar of Ooty, the Flower Show, this year being the occasion of the 123rd Flower Show, was inaugurated in the Government Botanical gardens on Friday, 17th May.

This 5 day Flower Show was inaugurated by the Tamil Nadu State Governor Panwarilal Purohit who addressed the gathering that the public should lead a life closely integrated with nature.

In the Flower Show, around 35000 flowerpots with different flower varieties were on display. A model of the Parliamentary building made on a giant-scale with 1.5 Lakhs coronation flower was also on display.

A flower-fall with 5000 flower-pots and  flower selfie spots in 3 places, and 10 flower arches had been created and arranged for display. Further, 2000 Tulip flowers brought from the Netherlands, 100 Orchid flowers, and 100 Gala Lily flowers were also on display.

Tamil Nadu Governor, Panwarilal Purohit, mentioned in his address :
Ooty remains to be the top-most attraction as a tourism centre for the maximum number of tourists in India. Mountains. Waterfalls, natural lawns, and flowers here are indeed a feast for the visitors eyes! Niligiris remains as the No. # 1perfect environmental zone in the world. The Thoddabedda Peak, Pycara lake, Ooty Lake, Dolphin-Nose scenery corner, Avalanche, and the mountain-rail system remain as the major attraction points for the tourists.

In a similar way, the tigers sanctuary located 35 km from Ooty is an ancient one. Some 250 varieties of rare birds such as hornbill, flycatcher, etc can be seen here.

The Ooty Flower Shoe has won global approval and recognition. The 1st ever Flower Show in Ooty was organised in the year 1896. Later, during the 100th Flower Show Anniversary,  a Rose Park was established covering 100 acres. Presently, this Rose Park enjoys huge global popularity.

When considering on an All India basis, 19% of the pickable flowers are produced only in Tamil Nadu. The centres of attractions in this years Flower Show are the Parliament complex made with 1.5 Lakhs flowers, Tulips, and flower-fall.

On another aspect, the usage of petroleum products and plastic items have greatly affected the environment.  All items which are bio-degradable must be recycled, cleaned and the living environment should be made cleaner and better! The public must learn to integrate with Mother Nature and evolve a simpler lifestyle along those lines.

The Commissioner of the Tamil Nadu agricultural Products Sugandeep Singh Bedi, Governors Additional Secretary R. Rajagopal, Nilgiri District collector Innocent Divya, The Director of Horticulture Subbaiyan, Coimbatore region Police Department Head Periyappa, , Vice President Karthikeyan, the district police inspector Shanmugapriya, and the Joint Director of the Horticultural Department Sivasubramina, Samraj all participated in the inaugural Flower Show.