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NADSS 2024: World Record Attempt to Celebrate Digital Excellence Across Tamil Nadu

Posted on: 23/Jun/2024 9:25:22 PM

 In an unprecedented event, the Namma Area Digital Super Star Awards (NADSS) 2024 is set to honor digital excellence from all 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu. This grand event will witness a world record attempt with 234 digital superstars taking the stage on the same day, showcasing the digital prowess of the state.

Parivu Dr. S. Sakthivel, a world record holder known for his numerous contributions to various fields, is spearheading this initiative. The NADSS 2024 aims to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of digital influencers, innovators, and content creators from each constituency, highlighting their impact on the digital landscape of Tamil Nadu.

The event promises to be a landmark occasion, bringing together a diverse array of talents under one roof. Aspiring digital superstars are encouraged to apply and seize the opportunity to be part of this historic event.

For more information and to apply, interested participants can visit NADSS 2024 Information 


NADSS 2024 Application.

Submit your application by July 31, 2024, via this registration form.

For further details, contact Parivu Dr. S. Sakthivel at 9840022255. This event is set to be a milestone in recognizing and fostering digital talent across Tamil Nadu, creating a platform for future digital leaders.

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