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A new important issue for Aavin milk consumers now in Chennai - Guess what?

Posted on: 21/May/2024 8:59:00 AM

Recently, Aavin introduced online purchase of milk cards for its customers and it grabbed the attention. Now, the issue is the unavailability of an option to pause delivery of milk packets for the period of absence. This has not gone down well with the customers in Chennai now and the customers are unhappy.

Aavin has been halting the delivery of milk packets to its customers if the customers were unavailable. Point to be noted is that the cost of undelivered milk would be deducted and the customers were paying the remaining amount only. Now, things have changed.

It is worthy to mention here that the customers are being asked to seek the help from the milk delivery agents and this is being advised by the persons at Aavin area office

As per the consumer activist Mr. T. Sadagoppan it was clear that the milk delivery agents often mention customers seeking help from the neighbours or relatives etc. He added that when no one was there to collect the milk packets delivered by the agents then the milk packets got accumulated in the milk baskets kept at the doors.

It is now brought out that popular major milk suppliers like Aavin etc must have a system in place to pause milk deliveries for cardholders who are away. Even small e-retailers offering a wide range of products have been allowing the customers to temporarily suspend their orders.

According to Mr. S.A. Ponnuswamy, Milk Dealer`s Welfare Association, even when Aavin operated offline the ability to pause milk delivery depended on the milk agent`s cooperation only. The good news now is that soon rescheduling options would be available for the customers and this was as per the Aavin MD Mr. S. Vineeth.

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