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The issue that has been troubling many at Koyambedu market now!!

Posted on : 21/Feb/2023 9:24:09 AM

The busy Koyambedu wholesale market in Chennai has got both people as well as stray cattles now. The presence of the stray cattles here is creating many issues for the traders. It is now said that these stray cattles are bane for the traders due to the fact that they eat vegetables and fruits belonging to the traders.

Inspite of several complaints from the traders, no action has been taken till now. It is really shocking to note that more than 200 goats and cows roam inside the market creating roadblocks inside the market. This has led to poor business and the traders are now unhappy.

According to a semi wholesale trader at the market, the stray animals attack both traders as well as the customers.
Truth is that before the place was given for market it was a cattle shelter. The cattle owners do not tie them at one place but allow them to move freely creating problems for many.

It must be taken into account that recently the HR & CE minister Mr. Sekarbabu made his presence felt at the market. On that day, there were no stray cattles found at the market for about 6 hours. 

It was brought out by a retailer at the market that if the stray cattle could be tied for one day (when the minister was present at the market) then why the stray cattles were not tied on other days too. He added that the vegetables eaten by the stray cattles cannot be sold to the customer and this results in poor business and money loss etc.

It must be noted that GCC caught many stray cattles present on the roads with the help of some veterinary doctors etc and sent them to Perambur and Pudupet sheds.



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