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Good news for the Chennai residents regarding travelling by flights!!

Posted on : 28/Jun/2022 9:17:00 AM

In Chennai airport currently, 30 flights are being operated per hour and this was mentioned by some sources from AAI or Airport Authority of India. In the future, the number of flights that would be operated per hour by AAI would be 50. The fact is that AAI has plans to operate both the runways simultaneously.

It is well known that the airport in Chennai has 2 runways primary and secondary. The primary runway is about 3.66km long and the secondary runway is about 2.89km long. On the secondary runway only, all the ATR flights would be operated. The secondary runways could not be used all the time due to the presence of tall buildings and towers in Kolapakkam.

In future, the length of the secondary runway would become similar to the length of the primary runway. It is learnt that AAI has plans to use primary runway for flight departures and secondary runway for arrival of all flights plus departure of ATR flights.

Regarding how to handle and operate both runways at the same time, the staff belonging to Chennai ATC are being trained now. It is revealed that once the training gets finished the runway would get modified and both runways would be used on a trial basis. Afterwards, these would be made permanent. In addition to this, modifications of taxiways at the Chennai airport are also being done by the officers. This would be superb because the flights would arrive and depart quickly from Chennai airport without any traffic congestion.



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