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Consumers can benefit from Aavins new and amazing plan now in TN!!


Posted on : 01/Jan/2022 10:29:46 AM

From the 1st of January 2022, Aavin would be issuing milk cards online in an effort to increase the milk sales. For the cardholders, the milk has been subsidized by Rs 2 to Rs 3 per liter. It is known that the Aavin milk is being sold at various retail shops at Rs 3 to Rs 4 per liter higher than the maximum retail price or MRP. The consumers by purchasing milk through cards would be able to get milk cheaper by Rs 5 to Rs 7 per liter and by this they would be able to save Rs 60 to Rs 90 every month

The TN state owned Aavin has upgraded its portals https://aavin.tn.gov.in/ and https://aavinmilk.com/ in October for the sake of launching online milk cards.

There has been a pending enquiry against the use of milk cards in Chennai and due to this reason the facility was not launched yet by Aavin. It was found by Aavin in the August month that more than 80000 milk cards were dormant and no longer used by the original consumers. Aavin later canceled all the 80000 milk cards. For many decades, Aavin has been following a strict scrutinizing process and it is now said that by enabling online milk cards Aavin would stop this strict scrutinizing process totally.

At all the regional offices plus at milk consumer cooperative societies and Aavin outlets etc, the applications for the new milk cards would be issued for the consumers. From 1st to 31st January, online milk cards would be issued to the consumers.

According to an official belonging to Aavin, milk cards would be given immediately to those consumers who submit their applications with ID proof. From 1st January, those consumers who have lost their milk cards due to shifting of their residences could apply for the new milk cards.

The official later threw light on the portal that has provided user friendly features such as electronic payment system, profile update, uploading of address proof documents etc. All the card related services would be provided to existing as well as new consumers. In Chennai, 6lakh consumers have Aavin milk cards and the milk consumption increased by 2lakhs liter per day from 16th May 2021 when the milk price was reduced by Rs 3 per liter. This was mentioned in the statement from Aavin. It must not be forgotten that until a few years back the consumers used to find it difficult to get milk cards.

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