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Sensational news regarding tomatoes and other vegetables in Chennai market!!


Posted on : 13/Dec/2021 9:22:36 AM

In recent times in Chennai, the cost of tomatoes has escalated and many Chennai residents have been finding it difficult to buy tomatoes and other vegetables.

Now, the news is that the prices of tomatoes have reduced to Rs 60 per kilo at the Koyambedu Wholesale market on Sunday, 12th December. This was because of more arrivals.The vegetable traders spoke about how the prices of other vegetables like drumstick etc have also reduced in the market. They mentioned that in the next 10 days the prices of vegetables would go down even further.

Mr. Prabhakaran, member of Koyambedu Wholesale Tomatoes Traders Association expressed his thoughts. He spoke about how till Saturday the market had received 40 to 45 vehicles of tomatoes and how after rains have stopped the tomato supply went up. From states like AP, Karnataka and Maharashtra etc, more than 50 truckloads of tomatoes have been received at this Koyambedu market now resulting in the reduction in the prices of tomatoes.

At present in the market, Bangalore tomatoes are being sold for Rs 50 per kilo to Rs 60 per kilo. Normal tomatoes are being sold for Rs 50 per kilo to Rs 40 per kilo. Truth is that when the market receives 70 truckloads then the prices of tomatoes would come down to Rs 30 per kilo to Rs 40 per kilo. There are now adequate stocks of other vegetables and this has led to the reduction in the prices. The price of onions now is Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg, potatoes Rs 25 per kg, carrots at Rs 70 to Rs 75 per kilo. Vegetables such as beans are sold for Rs 40 to Rs 60 per kg, beetroot for Rs 45 to Rs 50 per kg, cabbage for Rs 35 per kg and ladies finger for Rs 60 to Rs 70 per kg.

Mr. P. Sukumaran, treasurer, Koyambedu Merchants Wholesale Association, pointed out that heavy rains in Tamil Nadu and in the neighboring states have affected the drumstick cultivation. This was responsible for the abnormal increase and it was sold for Rs 250 per kg.

He shed light on the Koyambedu market that has been receiving just one ton of commodities from Ahmedabad. He then added that if there was no rain for the next 15 days then the market would receive supply from Tamil Nadu also. From Sunday onwards, there has been a gradual increase in the vegetable supply in the Chennai market.



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