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Really Shocking!! Chennai to Tirunelveli private bus fare is Rs 2000 per person now!!


Posted on : 27/Oct/2021 9:41:30 AM

For the festival of Deepavali, many people go to their native places to be with their families and friends etc. This time it seems that people would have to think about it twice to go to their natives. It is now said that going home for the deepavali festival would cost a fortune.

It was mentioned by some reports that the private bus operators wanted to make use of this opportunity to get more money from the passengers. Warnings from the authorities regarding fleecing passengers have not been taken seriously by these private bus operators.  

It was later brought out by a shopkeeper from Chennai that he had spent Rs 2000 to go from Chennai to his native in Tirunelveli in a private bus. He added that there are no direct trains available to his native near Thisayanvilai near Tirunelveli. He spoke about how for puja holidays he was unable to go to his native as he and his family were unable to get a seat in the state run bus. Truth is that he had paid Rs 2000 per person in a non-a/c Omni bus to go to his native. The huge bus fares collected by the private bus operators would affect the public because many people would not be able to pay such huge rates to travel to their natives along with their families.

As per a business person from Tambaram it was clear that in the normal circumstances a trip to his native in Tirunelveli would cost Rs 550 in a non-A/c  bus. The festival of deepavali has made the private bus operators to hike the bus fares unimaginably. He concluded that he paid Rs 2000 to go to his native in Tirunelveli.

The bus fares of TN state run buses and private buses are totally different. It must be taken in to account that from Chennai to Coimbatore on any day TNSTC charges Rs 391 in non-A/c and Rs 663 in A/c sleeper/ Truth is that omni buses charges Rs 1600 to Rs 1900 for A/c sleeper 2 days before deepavali.. These omni buses charge Rs 1080 to Rs 1400 for non-A/c.

Truth is that bus fares to places like Madurai, Thoothukudi, Nagerkoil etc in air-conditioned sleeper omnibus would cost Rs 2600 per person. The private bus operators increase the bus fares after the railway reservation gets closed. It is shocking to mention here that some bus operators even block online booking and create an impression that all seats have been booked.
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