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By clicking just a button, Chennai residents can now get fish, meat etc delivered at their doorsteps

Posted on: 31/May/2021 9:26:19 AM
After nearly a week of time, the online outlets have resumed their operations and the Chennai residents can now get access to meat, fish etc by just pressing a button.

In the first week of May, the price of one kilogram of mutton was Rs 150 but the price now has escalated to Rs 300 per kg. Few local meat shops and service providers delivered meat and fish at the houses till Saturday. Orders were taken on the messaging apps and these items were door delivered within a day.

It must be noted that yesterday mutton was sold between Rs 850 and Rs 1200 per kg through various apps and fish was sold for a flat rate of Rs 240 per kg. Just within an hour yesterday, some varieties of fish that were available online were door delivered.

It was pointed out by some traders who took orders through phone that limited volumes of fish were available for sale and it has to be sourced from other places due to a 45 day ban on trawling.

All the meat shops have been shut down in Chennai and permission has been given only to supply meat to eateries and restaurants in the present total lockdown. This was mentioned by Mr. Rajkumar, former president of Chennai Poultry Wholesale Association.

He then explained that the traders with access to online food aggregators have been taking orders on their phone and they have been delivering items to the houses of the customers.

It is now revealed that the retail chains are delivering vegetables in a couple of days and people (who depend on the home delivery apps) have been facing logistic issues due to total lockdown.

The frequency of sourcing vegetables from various parts of TN has been affected by this complete lockdown. This was highlighted by Mr. P.L. Muthu, operations head, Chennai based online delivery app.

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