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Sudden postponement of the suspension of MRTS from Beach to Chepauk in Chennai??

Posted on: 08/Jun/2023 9:02:50 AM
Recently, the Southern Railways or SR made news when it announced that it would suspend MRTS services from Beach station to Chepauk station for the sake of construction of a fourth line from Beach to Egmore.

Now, the sensational piece of news is that SR has decided to postpone the suspension of the MRTS services between the above-mentioned places in Chennai. The withdrawal of the proposal has been confirmed by the officers belonging to the Chennai Division of the SR. It must be noted that MRTS services are now operated between Beach and Velachery. It is now brought out that the opposition from the commuters have made SR to withdraw or drop the proposal.

The final decision regarding suspension of MRTS services between Beach and Chepauk was yet to be taken.  This was as per some sources belonging to SR. The sources have mentioned that a circular withdrawing the earlier plan to suspend MRTS services would be released soon. On Wednesday, a meeting took place and in this meeting a decision to puthold the suspension of MRTS services from Beach to Chepauk wa staken.

Currently, SR is in consultation with MTC and transport secretary and a design is being finalised and it would be ready by the weekend.

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