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Chennai Corporation Launches Single-Window Approval System for Small-Scale Building Plans!

Posted on: 25/Jun/2024 2:14:52 PM

The Town Planning Department will implement a single window system to streamline the sanctioning of building permissions through self-certification. This new process, approved on Monday, eliminates the need for a completion certificate for residential buildings on plots up to 2,500 square feet and built up to 3,500 square feet.

Eligible residential constructions, specifically ground or ground-plus-one-floor buildings, will benefit from instant registration. This initiative follows the announcement by the Minister of Finance and Human Resources Management during the 2024-25 budget session, with several meetings held to finalize the scheme`s modalities.

To qualify for self-certification, individuals must pay various fees, including CMDA development charges, building license fees, welfare fund charges, road cut restoration charges, and vacant land tax. For unapproved plots registered by October 20, 2016, regularization and development charges must also be submitted.

The resolution sets the self-certification rate at Rs 566 per square meter of the total built-up area. These rates apply exclusively to approvals issued under the self-certification scheme.


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