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More options for the users - Important new development in WhatsApp regarding enhancing user interface!!

Posted on: 19/Jun/2024 9:22:40 AM

Famous instant messaging platform WhatsApp is making news now for this superb reason!!

It is now said that WhatsApp would be enhancing the user interface by means of new colour themes. Soon, the user would have more personalisation options.

It must be recalled that Apple announced that iPhone users were unhappy with WhatsApp`s green colour themed interface. The thought of providing more personalised options for the users of WhatsApp came after this.

Earlier in 2024, WhatsApp implemented green theme colour for the iPhone users and many users didn`t like it. Point is that many users of WhatsApp expressed their unhappiness in the social media platforms requesting for the old interface. Slowly, the iPhone users adapted to the green coloured themed lood

Expansion of theme options:

In the month of May in 2024, there were some reports that mentioned that WhatsApp was having plans to introduce 5 additional default chat themes that included default green. It was later brought to light by WABetaInfo that the platform has been aiming to offer as many as 10 different themes for the users.

Improved personalisation for better user experience:

Broader range of aesthetic taste would be catered by WhatsApp as it would introduce more theme options for the users. By this, the users of WhatsApp would have flexibility to choose from 10 colours for friends and wallpapers etc. It must be taken into account that earlier colour options were classic green, blue, white, purple and pink.

Not only this, WhatsApp is also working on a feature where the user would be able to change the app`s accent colour. This would help the users to customise the in-app buttons to match their chosen frame.

It is believed that the new personalisation features would make the user experience better and get an edge over other instant message platforms like Telegram etc. This would attract and retain the users.

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