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Reliance Jio Ambanis Super plan: laptops at affordably low prices!!

Posted on : 04/Oct/2022 11:25:04 AM

Reliance Jio has been an absolute leader among the telecommunication Service Providing organizations in India with an approach to win the customers over!

Now, Jio has planned to launch a laptop with a 4G SIM card for Rs. 15000/- !

Announcement from Jio

Reliance Jio, headed by Mukesh Ambani has been a frontrunner brightening FREE DATA FACILITY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! With this introduction of a free data facility, lakhs of customers changed over to Jio!

Even as the competitors started introducing smartphones as intense competition, Jio followed up immediately launching its smartphones!

In sequence with the above, Jio has now announced the launch of a low-priced laptop!

As such, Jio has joined with the leading computer manufacturers Qualicom (Taiwan) and Microsoft to manufacture laptops.

Qualicum will provide the chips whereas Microsoft will provide the OS and the Apps.

Jio Laptop will use Microsoft`s Windows as the Operating System.  

In the first phase, Jio has planned to distribute the Jio laptops to schools, colleges, and government offices.

Reliable circles from Jio have informed us that in the next 3 months, Jio laptops will be launched to the public!

Further, when Jio`s 5G mobile phone, and 5G telecommunication services are launched, the Jio laptop will also be launched simultaneously!



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