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New age technology has come to the rescue of the residents of Chennai city


Posted on : 12/Jul/2019 10:01:20

Saving water is very important for the residents belonging to the Chennai city now because Chennai is facing severe water shortage. It is now said that new age technology as well as engineering solutions are helping the residents to save water now.

It must be noted that in OMR in Chennai it is now common to come across pipe nozzle fittings or aerators in large communities. These aerators were once found in green buildings is well known fact. Per minute, 12 to 15 litres of water is released by a tap in average and by using Eco 365 aerators the water release is cut by 3 litres and this has been due to the reduction in the pressure of water flow.

Eden Park community belonging to Siruseri in Chennai are very happy now because they have installed Eco 365 in all its 650 apartments. The residents are able to save god amounts of water now.

It was later pointed out by a member belonging to Eden Park Residents Association that aerators have been installed in the kitchen sinks plus in the wash basins etc and by this there has been 55 percent savings in water. Information collected is Eco 365 aerators are being manufactured by a Bengaluru based company. This company has seen 30 percent growth in their business in the city of Chennai in this summer of water crisis.

As per Mr. Piyush Kothari, Co-founder of Eco 365, it is very clear that their aim is to save one trillion litres of water by the year 2021. He mentioned about how with increased awareness it is possible to achieve the objective. Earth Fokus is a Chennai based start up company that is responsible for EcoMist which is an innovative upgrade to the taps. Point to be noted is Chennai based popular IT Company Cognizant has recently fitted this EcoMist to save water. It should be taken into account that Cognizant has fitted this EcoMist in 9 of its facilities in Chennai city.

The restrooms and cafeterias in Cognizant have been fitted with these smart nozzles. It has been mentioned by a spokesperson belonging to Cognizant that water flow is reduced to a mist by these small nozzles and atomising water into fine droplets takes place. Superb information is water consumption has been brought down by 80 percent and wastage of water is avoided.

Mr. Roshan Karthik, co-founder EarthFokus, expressed his views. He spoke about how in just 4 months of time his company has sold more than 8000 EcoMist. He then highlighted that the product could save 95 percent of water without compromising on the wash experience.  Information collected is IIT Madras start up Greenvironment has been helping the Chennai residents to time the purchases with their sensors.