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Daily demands of Chennai residents not met by metro water now


Posted on : 12/Jul/2019 09:56:57

Water is very important for the daily activities to go uninterrupted is known fact. Point is the metro water officials spoke about how they were unable to meet the demands of the Chennai residential colonies. This is because of the fact that metro water is supplying free water to the people living in the slums.

Every day, as many as 13500 bookings have been made using the app and metro water department has been able to cater to 7000 only. Important information is the rest have to wait as water has to be supplied to the slums. This was as per an official belonging to the metro water department.

It must be noted that there were some claims from the residents belonging to the slums that were giving bribe money to the local politicians and lorry drivers for the sake of water supply. For every pot of water the rate varies from Rs 1 to Rs 5.

A resident belonging to Parrys in Chennai spoke about how water supplied from metro water lorry was not sufficient and how the residents have to walk 15 to 20 km daily with 5 to 6 pots. It was later mentioned by a resident of Gokulam Flats in T. Nagar that the waiting time for dial-for-water scheme of metro water has gone above one month.

He was unhappy regarding how he did not get water supply even now despite of booking 32 days back. He then threw light on how private lorrys were of high demand and how he purchased water from them for Rs 2200 every day. The resident spoke about how the rate from private water lorrys has gone to Rs 4500 now. Finally he revealed that piped water was received by Gokulam Flats residents about a month back.

Mandaveli is a very important locality in Chennai city and even in this place the waiting time has increased to 35 days. A Resident of Mandaveli later explained about how they depend on the bore well and how they have set up RWH system recently. He then revealed about how huge shortage of water has been making their lives very difficult and also how the metro water supply was delayed.

A person belonging to Peoples Awareness Association of Nanganallur was of the opinion that the metro water has been finding reasons not to supply water to the residents. He then added that paying water tax do not serve any purpose as water was not supplied.