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Get relief from the back pain by these superb oils


Posted on : 10/Jul/2019 10:41:47

One common pain majority of us would have had in our lives is back pain. The important information is there are many people who are withstanding this back pain silently also.

It must be noted that 95 percent of back pain cases do not need any operation. Treating back pain is very important because when left untreated it might become severe. There are few ways present and by these ways we could deal with the back pain and these are yoga, pain medication, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Not many are aware about the truth that there are some essential oils that could be used to get relief from the back pain. Information is the leaves, seeds, bark, flowers of some plants are used to extract the essential oils.

Various essential oils that could provide us a solution from the back pain are

Peppermint oil application:
The sore and achy muscles could be relieved and cooling effect could be got by application of pepper mint oil having 44% of menthol content in it. This peppermint oil could be either added to warm water bath or could be massaged topically by using carrier oil to get amazing relief.

Wintergreen oil application:
This oil has got the same analgesic properties of peppermint oil and this oil is got from wintergreen leaves. The presence of methyl salicylate a component similar to asprin does wonders. It is revealed that wintergreen oil is used as counter irritant to relieve back pain. Lower back pain could be treated by applying the wintergreen leaves directly to the skin.

Ginger oil application: 
The chronic back pain would not be there when ginger oil having anti-inflammatory properties is applied.  It is said that by massaging this oil on the affected areas we could get relief in just 30 minutes.

Eucalyptus oil application:
For easing muscle spasms and muscular cramps in us, application of eucalyptus oil is superb. This oil has got anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and these play a huge role in providing relief from back pain. Important point is this oil releases general muscle tension and discomfort and finally makes the muscles to relax.