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Your old cell phones can save the rainforest. How?


Posted on : 01/Jul/2019 15:13:08

Soundscape in rainforests are most peculiar and complicated. We can listen to the meagre sounds of insects and primates, birds and many other organisms that move around the forest areas. In that case, how could you identify illegal logging happening in such forest regions? Well, the answer may be as simple as your old mobile phones. Yes, those old cell phones when hung in the rainforests and collect the dirt around may be the key to resolve the issue.

The big question is how?

How can old mobile phones help in saving rainforests?

An expert physicist and engineer called Topher White went on to rainforests of Borneo. He happened to notice the soundscape of the forest and realized that there was no distinct noise that he could hear. As he was walking through the forest, he noticed a few illegal loggers cutting down an old tree at a distance of a hundred meters distant from ranger station. It was this incident that sparked in his mind to think of ways to keep the mother earth protected from such loggers and poachers. That was when he innovated the new way of converting old mobile devices as forest savers.

The engineer named Topher White works for the National Geographic Live stage.

Note that National Geographic is taking a lot of immaculate measures. You can check them out in their official website or YouTube page. There are interesting details about Rainforest Connection where you can listen to the strange sounds of the rainforest.

It is definitely tough to believe that solving problems like deforestation can be as easy as altering our actions. However that is not going to weed out the root cause. Anyway, we can strive to promote rainforest connection.

In case you have an unused old cell phone, it will be possible for you to save the rainforest just with this obsolete device. All you need to do is send it for promoting rainforest connection. In case if the mobile device is unable to get used there, worry not! That will be considered as a donation to support the initiative. There is Rainforest Connection Website where you can obtain complete details of the project.