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6 most important summer health care tips


Posted on : 15/May/2019 16:35:46

As summer is all set, there are a lot of problems for your skin, hair and health! There are issues of sunstroke, heat boils, etc. This is in fact the right time to bring in changes in your diet in order to cope with bodily changes and incorporate proper living conditions.

Hence we have come up with some of the best summer health tips for you to beat the heat.

Heat stroke Heat stroke is nothing but hyperthermia. This is a condition that results out of extraordinary absorption of heat than it can actually bear with. To balance this condition, you should bring down your bodily temperature. For this, get a cold shower. You may also try to wear loose clothes and sunglasses and drink a lot of water.

Heat cramps in the areas like abdomen or arms and legs, often times, you may experience pain or spasms. This is a result of effortful physical activity. The best remedy to resolve such issues is to stay indoors in cool place. Have enough water and take a lot of juices and drinks with electrolyte content. When you have undergone cramps, never try to do any strenuous works as it may lead to exhaustion.

Dehydration dehydration leaves your body including mouth, skin, etc. dry. The body never sweats anything and experiences muscle cramps. There may also be nausea or heart palpitations and lightheadedness. The best way to cure this is to hydrate your body with water and juice items. Take a lot of clear broths. Have a lot of replacements for water and have diet control.

Sunburn the body gets exposed to UV radiations when you are subjected to severe sunlight. This may result in dark skin patches and peeling off of the skin. For this, you may get cucumbers and extract its juice. Mix this with milk and add dried lavender flowers. Apply this mixture on your face in the affected areas. Once the mix gets dried up,

Home remedies: Mix together the juice of six peeled cucumbers, two cups powdered milk and two teaspoons dried lavender flowers. Apply this paste directly on the areas of the skin. One cup of the mixture added to lukewarm water can be used as a skin smoothing balm

Tanning of skin: as you experience tanning of skin, it becomes darker day by day. For this, try to avoid sun block for at least 2 or 3 hours in a day. Take necessary actions to lighten your skin through rehydration therapies.

Infection in foot in summer, you tend to get a lot of sweat in the foot and hence it will be prone to infections because of humidity. To avoid this, you may apply ant-bacterial powders. Get your feet scrubbed often and wash it off frequently. Consult with a doctor in case of severe infection. 

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