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Now maintenance shutdowns stopped by Tangedco till the month of June


Posted on : 11/May/2019 11:29:14

The summer has become unbearable for the residents belonging to Chennai. In the recent times there have been many power shutdowns in the city of Chennai done for the sake of maintenance works and these shutdowns have been creating huge difficulty for the residents.

The superb piece of news is the Chennai city has been given relief from power shutdowns that were done for maintenance purposes. There would not be any more power shutdowns in Chennai city and this was according to the power managers belonging to Tangedco. It has been decided by the power managers to do away with the mandatory power shutdowns in this peak summer so that people could get some relief from the extreme temperatures.

An official belonging to Tangedco explained about how freezing of scheduled power cuts would not be there till June first week. He then added that this was done mainly to help the kids and residents to have a peaceful summer season. It must be noted that the power shutdowns would be taken up when the situation demands and this was as per the official.

The information collected is scheduled power shutdowns throughout the year have helped in major parts of Chennai not having any unscheduled power cuts. In certain parts of Chennai and in the suburbs, power disruptions get reported and the maintenance staffs have been able to restore the disruptions inside 30 minutes or one hour. Many reasons have been cited for the power disruptions that are man made. The reasons are digging of roads by private cable operators, storm water drain construction and metro water maintenance works etc. In the night time, the roads get dug by the private communication operators and this has led to the power disruptions.

It was pointed out by an official of Tangedco that trenchless technology was available and inspite of this the companies dug up the roads at the junctions and by this the cable gets damaged. Some power cables have been punctured by the infrastructure development works carried out under Smart City Project in T. Nagar. This was confirmed by a senior official.
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