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Tamil Nadu Government Urges Non-Resident Tamils to Register for Welfare Benefits

Posted on: 19/May/2024 11:28:49 AM

The Tamil Nadu government has called on non-resident Tamils to register with the Non-Residential Tamils Welfare Board to access various welfare schemes. Eligible Tamils, aged 18 to 55, living abroad or in other Indian states can register online at https://nrtamils.tn.gov.in. A one-time registration fee of Rs 200 is required, but this fee is waived for registrations completed within three months from May 15. Membership must be renewed every three years.

Benefits include insurance coverage, educational assistance, and marriage aid. Those eligible include Tamils with an Indian passport working or studying abroad, and those residing in other Indian states for over six months. For more information, individuals can contact the helplines: 18003093793 (India), 8069009901 (abroad), and 8069009900 (missed call).

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