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Chennai-Care Animal Project Nears Completion: Enhanced Facilities for Stray Dog Sterilization and Pet Care!

Posted on: 18/May/2024 2:39:22 PM

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is set to complete the Chennai-Care Animal Project by July, upgrading three existing animal birth control (ABC) centers at Pullianthope, Meenambakkam, and Lloyds Colony with facilities akin to the Madras Veterinary College Hospital. This project, part of the Singara Chennai 2.0 initiative, is being executed at an estimated cost of Rs 20 crore. Of this, Rs 7.21 crore has been spent on renovating the Kannamapet ABC center, with Rs 7.13 crore and Rs 5.38 crore allocated for enhancing the Lloyds Colony and Pullianthope centers, respectively.

Since 1996, the GCC has been sterilizing stray dogs within its jurisdiction. The Chennai-Care project introduces several new features, including customized dog-catching vehicles, minimal-handling cages, sophisticated operation theaters, dedicated laboratories, and technology-driven processes from catching to releasing dogs. The upgraded centers will also provide lab facilities and pet clinics for treating pet animals.

Dr. J. Kamal Hussain, a veterinary officer with the GCC, noted that previously only anti-rabies vaccinations and sterilizations were performed, with multiple dogs kept together post-surgery. The upgraded centers will feature individual kennels for dogs recovering from surgery. Stakeholders including animal welfare organizations and professionals were consulted to address specific needs during the planning stage.

Most of the work on the ABC centers is nearly complete, with full completion and reopening expected within the next two months, following delays due to the Lok Sabha elections.

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