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Greater Chennai Corporation: henceforth, fine for those who defecate in open public places!

Posted on: 23/Mar/2023 3:41:40 PM
In a recent announcement released by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), it was mentioned that several activities have been initiated to keep the Chennai Metro City clean and beautiful. Furthermore, penalties are being imposed on the dumping of garbage and waste in public and private locations.

According to the announcement, from 3rd March to 16th March, fines amounting to Rs. 10.78 Lakhs were levied on citizens who dumped garbage in open public places. Additionally, fines of Rs. 8.80 Lakhs were imposed on those who dumped construction waste material and garbage in public spaces. Furthermore, 805 persons were caught fixing wall posters in public places and on the buildings of the Greater Chennai Corporation and the State Government of Tamil Nadu and were fined Rs. 1.62 Lakhs. This makes a total fine of Rs. 21.19 Lakhs levied for the above-mentioned offenses.

As such, the citizens of Chennai Metro City and the public MUST AVOID DUMPING GARBAGE and construction waste in public places under the jurisdiction of the Greater Chennai Corporation and fixing posters in public places.

Another appeal is made to the public to contact and complain to the HELPLINE Number 1913 and inform whenever they notice a large quantity of garbage dumped in public locations!

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