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No massive changes needed, just follow these effortless simple ways and keep your heart healthy!!

Posted on: 22/Mar/2023 9:30:55 AM
To prevent heart diseases or issues, change is needed!!

Point to be noted is that the BP or  cholesterol would increase in some persons and due to that he or she would be advised by the doctors to change their lifestyles. Many heart attack as well as stroke survivors have been asked to bring some change in their lifestyles. There is no need to go for major makeovers for the sake of the heart heath and making a series of small simple changes in the lifestyle would be enough.

These effortless ways could boost the heart health for sure. Various ways are

By listening to music:

It has been revealed by a few research studies that by listening to music for about 30minites the blood pressure in us would get lowered. There would be reduction in the stress levels and lowering of the heart rate etc. All these would make our heart very healthy.

By inculcating physical touch:

Our love and appreciation for others is mostly shown by physical touch. In addition, physical touch would also make the heart health better. It is true that hugging would not only reduce cortisol levels in us but also the heart rate.

 By being kind to others:

Oxytocin would get released when we become selfless and help others. This hormone would lower your blood pressure effectively and would boost our heart health. The cardiac protective properties of oxytocin play a huge role here.

By intake of mediterranean diet:

Our heart health would get boosted when we eat a Mediterranean diet rich in foods such as grains, olives, oils etc. It is important to compulsorily include these foods to our daily diet.

By intake of more fruits & vegetables etc:

We would be able to maintain healthy weight and lessen inflammation by eating fruits and vegetables having fewer calories and rich in nutrients.

By taking small breaks:

The heart health would become better when we take some time to unwind or relax. By this, our stress would come down and heart health would get boosted.

By stretching well:

Good stretching would improve the heart health to  a huge extent. Persons who stretch well would haveve low BP, better blood flow and lessended artery stiffness. By these, there would be reduced risk of getting heart diseases etc.

By being grateful:

We all must take time to count our blessings. This would release a pleasant feeling inside us. By this, our well being plus heart health etc would improve.

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