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Eating out at Chennai restaurants is not the same now, residents are worried!!


Posted on : 26/May/2022 9:48:56 AM

These days, for eating out at the hotels in Chennai you need to shell out more from your purse!!  

Many bachelors staying at the hostels or mansions and residents etc in Chennai are facing lots of issues now due to the high cost of food in the hotels etc.

According to a person working in a private bank in Chennai, he used to spend Rs 500 per day for his food and now he spends Rs 580 to Rs 600 per day for his food alone. Fact is that for most of the bachelors in Chennai there are no other options available except eating out in the hotels. He then threw light on how buying food through Swiggy, Zomato and other food aggregators etc have also become expensive now.

The hotels and restaurants in Chennai on an average have increased the prices of the food items by 8% to 10% now. This has been creating issues for many low income group persons or middle class persons now.

The prices of fruits, vegetables, oils, rent etc have increased and this has led to the increase in the prices of foods at the hotels and restaurants now. This was according to the owners of the restaurants across Chennai city. It must be taken into note that the prices were not increased for 2 years due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is really shocking to mention here that a plate of biryani that was sold for Rs 250 to Rs 280 some 40 days back has increased to Rs 320 to Rs 340 per plate now. Just a few days back, a plate of biryani in the roadside eateries was sold for Rs 100 to Rs 120 per plate and now it has gone to Rs 150 per plate. 

Chairman of Vasantha Bhavan hotels, Mr. M. Ravi spoke about how some hotels have increased the prices by 5% to 8% since April month. He then explained how the transport cost has increased and how the vegetable prices have also increased. Truth is that wages have gone up more than 30% to 40% now. All these have led to rise in the prices of foods in hotels.
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