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New: Smart City Roads in Chennai Metro City with modern facilities!


Posted on : 02/Jul/2022 11:46:49 AM


All the Main Roads in the Chennai Metro City under the control of the Department of Highways are being converted into ‘Smart City Roads’!

For this project, in the first phase, 7 roads with a total length of 103 km have been selected for this modernisation!

An official of the Highways Department informed us that on these smart roads Pavements, cycle paths, and vehicle parking spaces will be provided!

Around a total length of 186 km roads are presently under the control of the Department of Highways. The rads include Anna Salai, Kamarajar Salai, Wall Tax Road, Velachery Bypass Road, Ennore Highway, GST Road, GWD Road, and Taramani Link Road!

The number of vehicles plying on these roads has been increasing every passing day! Especially, more than 10 Lakh vehicles are plying on these roads every day as per the statistics provided by the Department of Highways!

As such, in order to strengthen the infrastructure of these busy roads, the Department of Highways has taken a decision to transform these roads into ‘Smart City Roads’!

In the 1st Phase, 7 roads covering a distance of 103.5 km have been selected for conversion into ‘Smart City Roads’!

For this project, the Grand Southern Trunk (GST) Road, Grand Western Trunk Road (GWD), Grand Northern Trunk Road (GNT), InnerCircle Road, Velachery Bypass Road, Marmalong Bridge- Irumbuliyur Road, and Mount Poonamallee-Avadi Road have been selected for conversion.

Presently, a consultant is being appointed to prepare a comprehensive Project Report. For this project, a tender has been floated for Rs. 9 Crores. As such, the activity of finagling the project is in full swing.

An official of the Highways Department informed that in case a consultant is appointed, all the major roads in Chennai Metro City under the jurisdiction of the National Highways Department will all be converted into ‘Smart City Roads’!

In this regard, he shared, “Based on the consultant’s final report, a decision will be taken on the various amenities and facilities to be provided on these roads under this project!

In the First Phase of this project, 7 roads have been selected. In case this modernisation project is successful on these roads, the project of Smart City Roads will be implemented in 9 more roads in Chennai Metro City!

Further, the consultant of this project will also suggest the guidelines to ensure the right type of laying the electricity and telecommunication cables under the road and also a proper drainage sysystem installation.”

On these 7 roads selected for Smart City Roads Project, facilities such as pavements, cycle paths, vehicle parking facilities, and limiting the speed of the plying vehicles under 50 kmph will all be provided!

Further, these ‘City Smart Roads’ will have Wi-Fi poles, CCTV cameras, Information Kiosks, and other facilities for the efficient functioning of the traffic on these roads!

With this project, it will be ensured that the speed of the plying on these City Smart Roads will not exceed 50 kmph by providing road humps, rumple-strips and speed tables will be provided as recommended by the consultants to facilitate streamlining of the traffic on the city smart roads!”
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