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Commencement date announced for the 1st year MBBS Students!


Posted on : 19/Jan/2021 1:52:02 PM

The classes for the 1st Year MBBS are scheduled to commence on 20th January (Wednesday, tomorrow). It has been announced that coronavirus tests will be undertaken for all students as a p[art of the coronavirus pandemic prevention schedules.

Accordingly, it is announced that routine class lessons/teaching will start on 2nd February. This is as per the notification issued by the Director of Medical Education Dr Narayanababu.

It may be noted that the counselling for admission to the medical graduate courses MBBS & BDS seats available in the government and private colleges in the State of Tamil Nadu for the government quota was conducted in 2 Phases at the Nehru Stadium located in Chennai Periamet from 18th November to 13th January.

Fr the students who had studied in Government or government-aided schools, a 7.5% quota of seats was allotted and 336 such students were admitted in MBBS course and 110 students were admitted in BDS course. Thus, a total of 446 government/government school students got the opportunity to join medical graduate courses.

In this scenario, the Director of Medical Education Narayanababu has sent a circular to all the principals of the government and private medical colleges to commence the 1st year classes for the MBBS & BDS courses from 20th January.

In this circular, it is mentioned:
The classes for the 1st year medical graduate courses (MBBS & BDS) courses MUST commence on 20th January.  Subsequently, regular teaching class sessions may commence by 2nd February. It is mandatory to conduct the coronavirus detection test (RTPCR) and other concerned tests.

The certificates and other admission-related documents of the 1st Year students MUST be verified. The fingerprint of the left-hand thumb and the eye-screen must be registered. The latest photograph of the student MUST be obtained. All these MUST be registered in the surveillance CCTV camera. A the related documents/certificated must be sent to the Directorate of the |Medical Education.

Jeans/T-shirts not allowed! - The students of the medical graduate courses MUST not wear jeans pants, T-shirts, and sleeveless upper-clothes. Girl students MUST wear ONLY saris, salwar-kameez or churidars. Girl students MUST NOT wear leggings. All students MUST NOT USE CELL-PHONES IN THE CLASSROOMS.

A team of professors MUST be formed for prevention of ragging in the college complex. Stringent action MUST be taken on students indulging in ragging,
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