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How to switch off the caller-tune received by your cell phone?


Posted on : 10/Nov/2020 2:33:44 PM

Hey! You must have been slightly annoyed more than a few times while listening to the caller tune regarding coronavirus pandemic whenever you receive an incoming call! Here is the way to switch of such caller-tunes!

The caller tune The whole world is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic! It is destroying more than 200 countries in the world! On the global level, more than 5 Crores people have been affected by coronavirus! Many scientists in several countries are indulged in finding a vaccine for the raging coronavirus.

Meanwhile, when we are contacting someone on an emergency, this above announcement lasting more than 2 minutes, indeed tests the patience of the caller! It has been on the air for the last several months! People are eager to know how to switch off this rather irritating and patience-testing caller-tune.

However, the truth is that there is no way we can switch this 30 seconds caller-tune message off! However, you can skip this message temporarily. Here is the procedure for the same:

  • Dial the number you want to call!
  • Wait for the audio caller message to play!
  • Once the audio caller-message starts paying, press the number 1or# on your cell.
  • Immediately, the audio caller-message will stop and go to the number dialled!
  • However, this may not function for a few numbers.

Please note that this procedure is shared exclusively for those making an emergency call or just not interested in listening to this message!

Just as further info on coronavirus so far, more than 12 million persons have been affected by the raging coronavirus all over the world. As per the info from John Hopkins University, more than 9 million infections have been recorded in the USA. More than 237000 have died. It has been a disastrous spread on C|O|V|I|D-19 in the USA! On Saturday, more than 126000 cases have been registered, and more than 1000 have died.
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