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9 Important Things To Create An Effective School Website


Posted on : 24/Apr/2019 17:13:32

These days, it is inevitable for schools to have luxurious websites. To be unique and distinguished from other school sites, the website should be visually appealing and engaging while also being informative and clear. It should have all the major school activities and achievements.

The students and faculties need to have an interactive online page so as to strengthen their community as a whole. So here we have a few ways in which you can achieve that classy feel on your site:

1.Format the font size and color are of huge importance. The entire website should maintain consistency in its style of content so that the brand recognition is maintained and on par with school documents.

2.Homework there should be an exclusive homework board for the faculties to share assignments and updates about classroom progresses online. This will be of help for the parents to be updated and also gives students a kind of backup in case they were absent for a particular class.

3.Gallery boast of your student talents by displaying all of their notable works like poem, recitation, etc. Parents of new students and those looking to enroll with your school may get to know about your student skillsets and feel confident about your quality of education. Parents will in fact show huge interest and excitement towards coming back to your website just to glimpse these pictures. So go on and be lavish in updating important pictures of your events and happenings.

4.Resources for parents let the website also focus on the parents by having resources helpful for them. There could be parenting guidelines or a parent handbook for their reference. That being done, you also attract the interest of parents as well.

5.Calendar of events there should be a complete list of events taking place in the school. This should be like a timeline of events including sports events, speeches, exams, report card issue, annual day, etc. This calendar page should be constantly updated from time to time.

6.Contact details as step to build better parent-teacher relationship, mention contact details of teachers including their contact number and mail id. As the parents get engaged with the teachers, they feel more confident and connected.

7.Alumni be it any kind of school: elementary, middle or high, it is compulsory for you to have an alumni section so that the successful journey of past students are clearly stated. This also helps in keeping the alumni connected and they can also show their support and encouragement for the further school activities.

8.Online event registration in case of any events like dance or singing or sports or other kinds, make sure to add the convenience of online registration. Seek help from any web devevelopment team and get your very own school registration software. Note that there should also be options to pay out registration fees online.

9. Donations and funds create online donation forms and make it visible for the parents and alumni so that it gives them an open invite for donations.

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