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Chettinad Palagaram


Posted on : 29/Mar/2019 09:46:17

Chettinad is famous for its unique variety of dishes prepared. They are not just tasty, but too easy to cook. There are a few chettinad snack varieties that need expertise in cooking, but there are a few that can be done by anyone. Here is one such recipe that has been in Chettinad tradition for years.

Required Ingredients

  • Raw rice 1 cup (measure it until the exact rim of the cup used for measuring)
  • Urad Dal 1.5 tbsp. This should make like a tower above the rim-level measurement of the same cup used for measuring rice
  • Water as required for grinding
  • Salt as required
  • Milk 1 tbsp (this may be skipped)
  • Oil required for deep frying

Cooking Method

  • Take raw rice and urad dal and soak the two together in water for about 2 to 3 hours
  • After the soaking period, make it into a fine batter by grinding in a mixer jar or grinder. Make sure to get this batter watery that is thinner than a regular Dhosa batter. To achieve this consistency, you may add some milk
  • As the batter is ready, you can now start making the snack. For this, heat oil for frying
  • To make the Palagaram, you should pour the batter using a ladle. This ladle used for taking the batter should not be too deep
  • As the oil gets hot, take a ladle full of batter and pour it into the hot oil right in the middle. Do not spread the batter. Pour it in a single spot inside the pan
  • Allow this to get fried for about a minute. Once it is cooked on one side, flip it and cook it on the other side for about 30 seconds again
  • As it gets fried well, take out from the oil and drain out the extra oil content.

  • Make sure that the Paniyaram is neither too thick nor too thin. While making the paniyaram, you cannot do two or more at a time. Just one paniyaram can be fried at a time. Give enough time to cook either sides of the paniyaram. The end result must be in white color and should not have turned into brown.

Also, the batter can be used for later as well. Importantly, note that you get high quality Urad dal for the dish as it will give you the softness and good taste. Also remember that the paniyaram may turn rubbery and too thin when the necessary quantity of urad dal is not added to the dish.

Say in case you have added excessive amount of milk for mixing and the batter has got too thin, you may compensate by adding a little amount of rice flour.
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