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Payment of Service Tax- 31 Dec Last Date

Posted on: 24/Dec/2013 1:03:30 PM
The Service Tax Department Commissioner R. Periyasami, statement is below: 

In order to benefit the non tax payers, a new scheme was introduced, which is based on the individual interest. This scheme is to provide more interest among the people to pay the service tax. In order to claim this scheme, a proper plan to register their name in this scheme is highly recommended.

Since the last date 31 December, 2013, is very near, people can start registering their names in case of the service tax payment. In case of this advance registration, there will be excluded in the fine, penalty and additional interest.

Since the last date is very near and there are many government holidays and working days are very less, in order to avoid congestion, people are advised and various technologies are introduced for advanced service tax payment methods. In order to get more details, people can get more benefit by dialing the following numbers: 0442614 2850, 0442614 2858, 0442614 2701, 0442702 2704.Hence, stated by the officer.

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