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Cost of Maravalli Kilangu Skyrockets to Rs. 14,000 per Tonne Amid High Demand for Chips!

Posted on: 25/Jun/2024 4:50:43 PM

In the Paramathi Vellore area, traders are reporting a significant drop in the price of Cassava Tubers (Maravalli Kilangu) due to a decrease in their starch content. These tubers are cultivated in various nearby areas such as S. Valavanthi, Periyakarasapalayam, Chengapally, Paramathi, Pothanur, Kudacheri, Kabilarmalai, Chinnamarudhur, Cholasiramani, and Perungurichi.

Traders purchase these tubers and transport them to tuber mills located in Budhan Santhai, Puduchattaram, Minnampalli, Malavepangottai, Attur, and other locations. Tuber mills process tapioca into maize and tuber flour, and traders also buy substantial quantities for making chips.

The price of Cassava Tubers (Maravalli Kilangu), which is determined by their starch content, has dropped significantly. Last week, a tonne of cassava was sold for Rs. 11,000. Currently, with the starch content reduced to 18-20 percent per ton, the price has fallen to Rs. 7,000 per ton.

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