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Irula folk music finds a new voice in Benny Dayals Oh Hoi on Coke Studio Tamil

Posted on: 24/May/2024 9:45:10 AM

Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 proudly presents `Oh Hoi`, the sixth drop of this season. Building on the essence of Season 1, this season aims to connect with a younger audience while preserving Tamil Nadu`s rich musical heritage. ‘Oh Hoi`, is a heartfelt tribute to the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures. This latest release seamlessly blends modern pop with traditional Irula tribal music, merging Benny Dayal`s contemporary flair with the age-old traditions of the Irula Tribes. Curated by the visionary duo Sean Roldan and Arivu and featuring the soul-stirring contributions of Mullai Kalai Kuzhu, this song serves as a vibrant celebration of Tamil Nadu`s rich musical heritage. The song impeccably bridges the gap between generations and cultures.

Exploring the intriguing relationship between urban and natural landscapes, `Oh Hoi` illuminates the harmony between bustling city life and the serene beauty of Tamil Nadu`s jungles. The song serves as a poignant narrative, highlighting the essential balance between progress and preservation.

Drawing inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between urban landscapes and rural environments, "Oh Hoi" serves as a poignant reflection of our shared humanity. Through its dynamic fusion of modern rhythms and traditional melodies, the track embodies the spirit of cultural diversity.

One of the most distinctive features of "Oh Hoi" is the inclusion of tribal vocals and traditional instruments, such as the Urumi, Parai, Mogaveena, and Mollom, which not only imbue the song with authenticity and depth but also pay homage to the rich heritage of the Irula Tribals. 

As `Oh Hoi` resonates far and wide, it serves as a reminder of the profound impact music can have in fostering understanding and connection in an ever-changing world.

Benny Dayal shares his experience by stating, “My approach to "Oh Hoi" blends urban and earthy vibes. Collaborating with Mullai Kalai Kuzhu and working with Sean Roldan and Arivu added magic to the song. I`m thrilled to be part of the video directed by Amith Krishnan. Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 is fresh, colorful, and diverse, and it`s an honor to work with this hardworking team!”

Sean Roldan says, “The grooves and rhythms of the Irular tribes inspired this song, blending their unique swing and dance with Benny Dayal`s urban style. Arivu`s lyrics bridge the gap between city life and those living in harmony with nature, creating a dialogue between traditional Irular grooves and urban Tamil music.”

Arivu shares “We are thrilled to release "Oh Hoi" for Coke Studio, a vibrant fusion of tribal and Western music. Inspired by Mullai Kalai Kuzhu`s beats and featuring Benny Dayal`s unique energy, this song, curated with music director Sean Roldan, celebrates cultural diversity. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it and look forward to future collaborations.”

Kanniyappan from the Mullai Kalai Kuzhu expresses his gratitude, “Thanks to Arivu for showcasing our tribal musical traditions on Coke Studio Tamil. This opportunity brings joy and encourages traditional artists like us. Through this song, we`v`ve shared a glimpse of our lifeworld musically. Thanks to the curators, Arivu & Sean Roland, singer Benny Dayal, and everyone involved in making this project beautiful.”

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