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Shock for the Chennai residents - The prices of chicken & mutton increase!!

Posted on: 20/May/2024 9:09:48 AM

Chicken lovers and mutton lovers in Chennai might have to think twice hereafter before eating their favourite food!!

On Sunday, 19th May, the prices of chicken rose to Rs 300 per kg from the previous rates of Rs 260 to Rs 280 per kg. Birds gaining weight at a slow rate in the summer season has been the reason for the increased rates of chicken and this was according to some traders.

According to a chicken trader in Nungambakkam when the temperature increases then the pact at which chicken gains weight slows down. He spoke about how a few months back the chicken rates were Rs 260 to Rs 280 per kg and how now the price has increased to Rs 300 per kg.

Point is that chickens usually come from places like Ambur and Vellore etc where there are poultry farms. The rate of Rs 300 per kg has remained the same for the last 4 days.

It was later explained by a chicken seller from Chennai that chickens with skin were sold for Rs 280 per kg whereas chickens without skin were sold for Rs 380 per kg. He added that in the summers production of chicken would come down to 50000 per day from 1 lakh per day. To safeguard marine resources, fishing has been banned from 15th April to 14th June. This has led to an increase in the demand for chicken and mutton etc.

As per a resident from Chitlapakkam it was clear that the rates of mutton also remained high in Chennai. Information is mutton with bone was sold for Rs 900 but mutton without bones was sold for Rs 1100. It was mentioned by some mutton sellers that the price of mutton has become high due to the shortage of goats and due to the transportation costs etc.

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