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Chennai Police Crack Down on Traffic Violations with Home E-Challans

Posted on: 29/Feb/2024 11:26:47 AM
In Chennai, cases have been registered for traffic rule violations, prompting the traffic police to personally visit homes of offenders and issue e-challans. Introduced in 2011, the e-challan system initially saw a 91.7 percent immediate payment rate. However, subsequent delays in fine payment have led to a 20 percent reduction in fine collections, with over 500,000 pending cases.

To address this, call centers were established in April 2022 by the Chennai Metropolitan Police`s Traffic Division to remind offenders and collect fines. In the first 6 months, Rs. 23.25 crore was collected from 918,573 cases. Now, the police have initiated a plan to issue e-challans directly to homes of violators whose mobile numbers aren`t linked to vehicle registrations, aiming for quicker resolution of pending cases.