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Security Jobs Available Across Chennai: MSB Manserv (P) Ltd Invites Applications

Posted on: 20/Dec/2023 3:47:31 PM
In response to the increasing demand for security personnel, MSB Manserv (P) Ltd is actively seeking individuals to fill security job positions in various locations across Chennai.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • - Age: 25 to 58 years
  • - Educational Qualification: 8th to Degree

Prospective candidates meeting the above criteria are encouraged to apply for these rewarding security positions.

Contact Details:
MSB Manserv (P) Ltd 
No. 8/26, Madhavapuram North Street,  
Alanthur, Chennai - 600016.

Call for Inquiries:
  • - +91 91500 34987
  • - +91 95514 35567

Application Process:
Interested candidates can reach out to MSB Manserv (P) Ltd using the provided contact details for more information about the application process, job responsibilities, and other relevant details.

MSB Manserv (P) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer and encourages individuals with the required qualifications and skills to apply for these security job opportunities.

Post your requirement - We will connect with the right vendor or service provider