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Police Alert the Public About Scam Websites Selling Cheap Diwali Crackers

Posted on: 06/Nov/2023 10:41:35 AM
As the festival of Diwali approaches on November 12, authorities have imposed restrictions on bursting crackers. In light of this, people are flocking to local shops and online platforms to purchase sweets and firecrackers.

However, cybercrime police have issued a warning, cautioning the public about the rising number of scams involving fake websites claiming to offer Diwali crackers at discounted prices.

In a statement released by the Cyber Crime Division, the police noted that the surge in demand for firecrackers during the Diwali season has led to the creation of fraudulent websites that advertise low-priced firecrackers. These scammers also utilize social media platforms like YouTube to promote their deceptive offers. They contact potential customers through cell phones and accept orders for crackers via WhatsApp. Once they receive online payments, they promptly disconnect their phones, leaving customers deceived and without their festive supplies. 

As the festival season approaches, the public is urged to exercise caution when making online purchases and to verify the legitimacy of websites and sellers before placing orders.

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