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Kalaignar Womens Right Assistance Scheme: zonal camps to be organized for further appeal from women who were denied!

Posted on: 22/Sep/2023 11:31:49 AM
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin inaugurated the Kalaignar Women`s Right Assistance Scheme of Rs. 1000 per month on September 15th.

Under this scheme, Rs. 1000 has been credited to the savings accounts of 1.06 crore women who have benefited.

In this scenario, the applications of 56.50 lakh women have been rejected. Short Message Service (SMS) notifications have been sent to the cell phones of the concerned individuals, explaining the reasons for rejection. Some rejections were due to family members paying income tax, and others are still under scrutiny according to the SMS notifications.

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has announced that if applications have been rejected despite eligibility, concerned citizens can appeal within 30 days.

Given this situation, some women have expressed uncertainty about whether to proceed with an appeal if they received an SMS stating that their applications are under scrutiny. Consequently, a large number of women are reapplying at E-Service centers with the required proof documents. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has emphasized that not a single eligible woman should be excluded from this scheme. Therefore, it has been reported that the State Government of Tamil Nadu plans to issue applications for further appeals and conduct surveys to scrutinize them. Additionally, special camps at the zonal level are being organized for this purpose.